Our factory which is the largest integrated compound plastics facility in all over Turkey and europe has started the production, in the county of Sinanpasa, in Afyonkarahisar province; in 2005 on a space of 60.000 square meter covered, 110.000 square meter total area with an initial annual production capacity of 18.000 tons, we achieved to increase our capacity thanks to gradual investments, upgrading to 36.000 tons in 2008. 72.000 tons in 2013 and yet reached the total annual production capacity of 120.000 tons as of 2018.

We provide raw materials to nearly 100 different industrial sectors. By the collection of pet and plastic scrap materials from all over our country and europe. And process them to different grades in our PET, DOTP and Plastic Compound facilities adopting "Zero Waste Principle" by the means of our cutting edge technology of sorting, crushing, washing equipments for special procurements.

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